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User instructions

Dear users, you are welcome to visit and use the website of Shanghai Ya Dong International Transportation Co., Ltd. and become a registered user of this website free of charge!

To ensure the smooth operation of the website of Shanghai Ya Dong International Transportation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "ADP website") and to safeguard the legitimate interests of the registered users, please read the following terms of service carefully.

一、 service content

ADP website services include users can browse online, registration, and pay attention to the flow of container dynamics, receive information in the station, participate in public collection, participate in activities, delivery of resumes and so on. This website has the right to change service content, service method, service object and service time according to market change, customer demand change and self condition, and even cancel relevant service.

The above changes are not required to be given special notice or special notice to the user or any third party, which will come into effect automatically when the modification decision is made on this website. This website shall exercise the right of the aforesaid changes without any liability to the user or any third party, nor shall there be any compensation.

ADP services include, but are not limited to, text, software, sound, pictures, videos, charts, and all the content of the email; other information provided by the ADP website. All of these contents are protected by copyright, trademark and other laws.

二、 User information

Based on the importance of network services provided by the ADP website, users should provide detailed and accurate personal data and update it in a timely manner. If the data provided by the user contains incorrect information, the website reserves the right to end the user's ADP site service.

The ADP website will according to the industry standard of strict confidentiality of personal information users fill in the registration, to ensure that the user's personal privacy without the user's consent, we will not share your registration and preservation of non disclosure in the ADP web site available to third parties (or a person), except in the following situations:

1、The user authorizes the ADP web site to disclose this information publicly;

2、Relevant laws, regulations, or regulatory bodies and judicial bodies require the ADP website to provide users with personal data;

3、The judicial organs of the state are in conformity with the provisions of the law and subject to statutory procedures and other operations;

4、Any third party to embezzle, use or unauthorized to disclose, use or disclose the personal privacy information of the user to the public;

5、When the user requests the website to provide the specific service, needs to provide the registration related information to third parties.

三、 Registered account number and password

After the user is registered as a legitimate user of the ADP site, a password and user name will be obtained. The user assumes full responsibility for the security of the user name and password. The user may change the password at any time, but any change must be accepted by the ADP website before it becomes effective. Under no circumstances shall the user disclose any user name or password to any third party and assume full responsibility for the resulting consequences.

Once the user is aware of or suspected username and password for any third party known or unauthorized use of this service, the user shall notify the ADP website as soon as possible, according to the ADP website or the specified phone number to call (the user may be required to provide personal information to make a written confirmation), or appeal on the ADP website. Prior to the confirmation of the validity of the above notification on the ADP website, the user shall assume full responsibility for the use of any third party services or services for unauthorized use.

The website assumes no responsibility for any of the following circumstances:

1、Any personal data leakage resulting from the user's password being communicated to or sharing a registered account with another person;

2、Any personal data leakage, loss, theft or tampering caused by hacker attack, computer virus invasion or attack, government control and other force majeure;

3、Any personal data leakage caused by other websites linked to this site and any legal disputes or consequences arising therefrom.

四、 End service and logout

If the user has any objection to the content of any term of service, the modification of the subsequent terms, or the dissatisfaction with the service of the ADP website, the user has the following rights:

1、No longer use the ADP web service;

2、Notify the ADP web site to stop serving the user. The right to use the ADP web service immediately terminates after the service is terminated. Since then, the ADP site no longer assumes any obligation to the user.

五、 Liability for breach of contract

If the user's behavior does not comply with the following terms, the ADP website has the right to cancel the user's service account, and retain the user's legal rights:

1、Users must comply with all the laws, regulations and decrees of the People's Republic of China and comply with the general ethics and conduct of the Internet. The users shall be liable for their actions on the internet;

2、The user shall not transmit or send any information that violates the laws and regulations, endangers national security, and has harassment, abuse, intimidation and vulgar obscenity;

3、Users shall not disturb or disrupt network services on ADP sites and shall not attempt to modify, alter, increase, decrease, delete, or otherwise change the content of ADP sites and their network services or their internal software;

4、Users may not harm the interests of ADP websites or other users' interests;

5、Users may not provide false registration information;

6、Users are not allowed to participate in ADP website activities by unfair means;

7、The user shall not violate the provisions of this document.

六、 hot tip

1、The user applies for registration as a user of the ADP site, indicating that the user has read and fully understood the document and agrees to strictly abide by the relevant agreements in this document.

2、ADP site reservation at any moment, change or update the file of all or part of the content of rights, no such amendment or special notice to inform the user or any third party, since the site decided to modify the when automatic updates and take effect.

Terms of service

To clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, both parties regulate business behavior, Shanghai Ya Dong international freight limited liability company and voluntary on this website to apply for the Internet service users of the principle of equality and mutual benefit, to reach a "ADP web services on the Internet in terms of service related matters".


In the absence of special explanation, the meaning of the following terms in the ADP web services provision is:

1、"ADP website" means the website of Shanghai Ya Dong International Transportation Co., ltd..

2、"Online service": refers to the ADP website with the Internet technology to provide users with international freight information inquiries, online resume delivery services.

3、"User": a user who wishes to apply for an online service on the ADP web site.

4、"This clause" means the ADP web services provision.

二、User rights and obligations

1、We have read and understood the user's instructions in advance, and we are fully aware and willing to accept the terms and conditions.

2、The information provided by the registration is true, accurate and complete, and if there is any change in the personal data, the registration shall be updated in a timely manner, otherwise, all legal liabilities shall be borne for the losses caused by the failure to update the personal data in time.

3、Comply with the ADP website's business rules and guidelines, follow the operation instructions, prompt operation, and take all legal responsibility for the direct and indirect losses caused by improper operation.

4、Legitimate access to the ADP web site using its services, may not use this web site service system for any ADP site or in violation of the relevant laws and regulations of the country.

5、I keep the online username, password, whether it is to provide guarantee for others to use, or for reasons of loss, leaks and other and used by others, as I used to, and bear all the legal responsibility for all the consequences of using my username and password generated.

6、If you find any illegal use of my online user name and password, you should change the relevant online user name and password in time.

7、Upon successful registration, the content of the online services is determined in accordance with the functional options provided by the ADP web services system.

8、Agree to send commercial information to me via email or other ways on ADP website.

9、If you find a security breach in the ADP web service system, you should notify the ADP website immediately.

10、Understand and accept, ADP sites only provide network services, in addition to the related network service related equipment (such as computer, modem and other related internet access device) and the required fees (such as Internet access and payment of the telephone and Internet access fees shall be borne by the investors).

11、The ADP website has taken effective measures to protect the user's data and the security of the network service, but the network service exists and is not limited to the following risks, the user is willing to take the risk and all possible losses therefrom:

(1)The Internet is a global network of public, is not controlled by any one institution; way of data transmission on the Internet is not completely determined; the Internet itself is not a completely safe and reliable network environment.

(2)If it is used to verify that the user's online user name and password are stolen, it is possible for other users to fake the identity of the user and to do online service on the internet.

(3)Data transmitted over the Internet may be acquired by certain individuals, groups, or institutions through certain channels, but they may not necessarily be able to understand the true content of the data.

(4)Data transmission over the Internet can result in delays, pauses or interruptions in network services due to busy communications, delays, or interruptions, pauses, or data errors due to other causes.

三、ADP website rights and obligations

1、After successful user registration, services are provided to the user in accordance with the functional options provided by the network service system.

2、For the ADP website, the legitimacy and validity of the relevant software used by the network service system are subject to all legal liabilities.

3、E-mail sent by the user is confidential, except for the following:

    (a) Obtain prior user's explicit authorization;

    (b) In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations;

    (c) In accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities;

    (d) In order to safeguard the interests of the public;

    (e) In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of ADP websites.

4、Right in cooperation with third parties to provide network services to users, in this case, if the third party agrees to assume the responsibility to protect user privacy and the same ADP site, ADP site has the right to provide user registration information to the third party.

5、The user has the right to analyze the entire user database and to make a commercial use of the user database without revealing the privacy data of a single user.

6、The user's online user name and password on the ADP website are considered as the valid basis for confirming the user's identity when the user enters the ADP website to inquire relevant information.

7、Have the right to increase, reduce, suspend or revoke categories of online services and advance announcements. However, due to the increase, decrease, suspension or cancellation of the types of network services, direct or indirect losses to the user or any third party shall not be held liable.

8、In the event of any of the following circumstances, the user has the right to discontinue or terminate the provision of network services under this clause at any time without notifying the user:

    (1)The registration information provided by the user is not true;

    (2)The user violates the relevant provisions of this clause.

9、 ADP web site does not promise network services, it can meet the requirements of users, but also does not guarantee that the network services will not be interrupted.

四、Clause amendment and interpretation

The ADP website reserves the right to amend the contents of this article, and the ADP website reserves the right to final interpretation of this article.

五、Legal jurisdiction

1、In case of dispute, the matter shall be settled through consultation first. If the negotiations fail, either party may submit the case to the Arbitration Commission of the Shanghai for arbitration.

2、The laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China shall apply to disputes arising out of these articles.

六、Liability for breach of contract

In terms of this effect, the two sides should fully fulfill the obligations stipulated in the clause, any one party does not perform or not completely fulfill the contractual obligations, should bear the corresponding liability for breach of contract and compensation for losses to the other party.

七、Notification and service

All notifications under this section may be carried out by means of important page announcements, e-mail or regular letter delivery, which are deemed to have been delivered to the recipient on the date of the ADP website.

八、Other provisions

1、This clause constitutes the complete terms of the parties to the provisions of this article and other relevant matters, except as otherwise provided in these articles, without giving any other rights of the parties to this article.

2、The violation of the provisions of this article or the guidance of other business rules of the ADP website will result in the termination of the term, which does not mean any liability before the termination.

九、This article comes into effect immediately after the user has browsed the website.