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Auto & Spare Parts Import, Shanghai


ADP provides one-stop supply chain services for imported automotive customers under LC transactions: opening L/C, import, logistics, customs clearance, invoicing etc.

Port advantages

In the major vehicle import ports of Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhangjiagang, we are equipped with branch offices, and provides the following services: loading, unloading and stacking, testing experiments, display and transactions, vehicle and parts distribution and modification, financial services etc.

Product Advantages
Complete Qualifications

ADP has a full set of car sales, invoicing, licensing and other qualifications, and has more than RMB 200 million bank credit.

Quick Clearance

Clearance can be completed in 10 business days with complete documents.

Complete supporting services

ADP also provides ancillary services: Import agent, issuing sight / usance L/C, customs clearance, commodity inspection coordination, warehousing, distribution, invoicing and so on.

Operation flow