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International Sourcing & Procurement


We purchase requested brands, specifications, models of raw materials, machinery and equipment and parts and other products for domestic customers from overseas.

service Background

We help the domestic enterprises who lack of international procurement capacity to purchase directly from overseas manufacturers, getting rid of domestic dealer monopolies, reducing procurement costs, and avoiding fake products.


service Advantages
Wide Coverage area

ADP Group has branches in the United States, Japan, Italy, Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, we can make international procurement directly in the above areas.

Low procurement costs

Generally speaking, comparing with buying from domestic distributors, direct procurement from overseas can save costs 15-40%.

Professional Sourcing Team

To avoid cultural differences and communication barriers, our foreign employees in overseas network will make the procurement.

Complete supporting services

ADP also provides a series of supporting services including logistics, import agency, licensing agency, L/C opening, contract reviewing, etc.

Operation flow