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Integrated port logistics

Integrated Port Logistics Definition

Comprehensive Port Logistics takes the Chinese major ports as HUBs along the coast China, Yangtze River and inland cities to link with the gateway of seaport, airport, railway, highway, waterway, FTZ and logistics park.

Through the collaborative optimization of information platform and the combination of network, talent people and technology, it delivers the services to shipper, consignee, buyer, supplier, trader and service provider by one-stop or end to end solutions of talormade modular logistics and SCM services.

Having through internal service function of integration and fusing with various industries, ADP Comprehensive Port Logistics service solves the difficulties of import and export goods, provides safe and efficient services all the way to meet the needs of all enterprises in handling affairs of import and export and the logistics and supply chain management.

ADP would take Comprehensive Port Logistics as a core and system of future in building up a platform for products of International Combined Transport, Project Logistics, Trade and Logistics, to merge into the industries by promoting the development of ADP transformation through expanding business in logistics and supply chain services.

Integrated Port Logistics Service

• I&E booking, vessel chartering, customs clearance, CIQ declaration, warehousing, transportation, LCL, packaging, personal effects;

• RDC Import and export order management, sub-contractor management, dynamic management, performance evaluation;

• Value-added services solution for Import distribution center (IDC) of free trade zone (FTZ);

• EDC solution for International Procurement (export LCL);

• “Extended bonded service - Integrated solution of bonded and non-bonded operation;

• “JIT MODEL” • Inventory management solution for VMI suppliers in bonded zone;

• Combined duty declaration solution • Postponed duty payment solutions with cargos entering or leaving the bonded area first;

• Bonded goods sorting solutions (certificate applicable or non-applicable);

• Integrated trade and Logistics at bonded zone• offshore Account solution for international trading.


Affluent Experience And Cases For Different Industries

Timely And Transparent Tracking System

Professional Customer Service team

Specialized Sub-contractors And Suppliers

Hscode Pre-classification Qualification

Green Logistics And Optimum KPI Management

Continuous Innovation

Solid Database For Custom Declaration

Good Relationship And Connection With Customs And CIQ

Advanced, Convenient, And Self-developed IT System

Integrated Solution Of Bonded And Non-bonded Operation (Extended Bonded Business)

Import CFS Solution

Export Quick Channel For Air Export

Export Consolidation And EDC Solution

Offshore Account Solution For International Trading

Combined Duty Declaration Solution

Bonded Sorting Solution

Bonded VMI (Supplier Inventory Management) Solution

IT SYSTEM • Intelligent, Interconnected& Transparent

IT SYSTEM • Intelligent, Interconnected& Transparent

T&T - Pick-up & Delivery

Inbound FCL/LCL Tracking Service

Inbound FCL/LCL Tracking Service

Outbound FCL/LCL Tracking Service

Outbound FCL/LCL Tracking Service

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