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Power Plant & Engineering

  • 电站、电力工程
  • 电站、电力工程
  • 电站、电力工程
• Our Services:

Hydropower, thermal power, wind power, photovoltaic generation, and transmission and transformation equipment: generator Sets, transformers, cables, Desulfurization purification system...

• Serviced Projects:

1、China’s Yangtze River Three Gorges project;

2、Laos’ XKM3 power station project in Ban Savang province;

3、Laos’ Phase 2 Bolikamxay THP power station;

4、Pakistan’s NBE hydropower station;

5、Sudan’s Dongola power station;

6、United States’ Wind Energy plant in Tahoka, Texas;

7、Pakistan’s Bhikki combined cycle power station.