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Shanghai Freight Forwarding Company // Guide to Elements of Imported Wine Declaration

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Definition of wine
Wine is a fermented wine with a certain degree of alcohol content made from fresh grapes or grape juice as raw materials, which is fully fermented or partially fermented.
Imported wine declaration tax number
Generally, there are three main tax numbers for imported wine declaration, which are: 2204.1000: sparkling wine, which refers to wine with carbon dioxide added in a sealed container during the final fermentation process (original sparkling wine), or artificially aerated wine after bottling (sparkling wine), It is required to charge more than 3 bar in a sealed container at a temperature of 20 °C. 2204.2100: Wine in containers of 2 liters or less. 2204.2200: Wines in containers of more than 2 liters but not more than 10 liters.
Imported wine declaration elements
Product name (Chinese and foreign language names): 2204.1000 is mainly for champagne, sparkling wine, sparkling wine, etc.; 2204.2100/2204.2200 is mainly for wine, red wine, white wine, etc. Species: 2204.1000 Mainly sparkling wine. 2204.2100 and 2204.2200 are not required to be declared. Alcohol concentration: the alcohol concentration of the product calculated by volume, generally expressed as "%vol". Grade: The grade of alcohol, generally divided by quality and production area. Vintage: The year the grapes were harvested to make the wine, not the year the wine was bottled. If the wine label does not indicate the year, "NV" should be filled in. Production area: fill in the Chinese and English name of the smallest production area indicated on the wine label; for the lowest-grade wine that does not indicate the production area, if the wine label indicates the country (region), the Chinese and English name of the country (region) should be filled in. Area". The production area is an important symbol of wine. In any case, at least the name of the country (region) will be marked, and there will be no "no production area" wine. Winery Name (Chinese and foreign language names): The Chinese and English names of the winery or winery producing the wine. If it is filled by a manufacturer (not a winery), fill in the Chinese and English names of the manufacturer. Grape varieties (names in Chinese and foreign languages): Fill in the Chinese and English names of the main grape varieties used to make wine. If it is a blend of multiple grape varieties, the two main grape varieties should be filled in and marked as "blended". Packaging Specifications: The individual packaging methods and specifications of the product. For example, "750ml/bottle × 12 bottles/box" and "1000 liters/barrel". Import method: The import methods of 2204.2100 and 2204.2200 wines include two categories: importing the original wine in a leather container and importing the original bottle of wine after it has been filled in a bottle. The reprocessing of imported wine stock liquor can be divided into two reprocessing methods: processing in the comprehensive bonded area and reprocessing after leaving the comprehensive bonded area. That is, if the stock liquor is imported, it should be reported as "processing within the stock liquor area" and "processing outside the stock liquor area"; the original bottle For import, it can be divided into two methods: the established trademark brand and the undetermined trademark at the time of import (imported with a small standard and no fixed trademark brand, which needs to be re-assigned a trademark brand in China). That is, if the original bottle is imported, it should be reported as "original bottle". There are brands” and “domestic brands”. 2204.1000 No declaration is required. Brand (name in Chinese and foreign language): The brand logo added by the manufacturer or distributor on the product. It is actually necessary to declare the brand name in Chinese or foreign language. When importing, it is divided into the following two situations: one is that the trademark or trademark right has been determined, and it needs to be declared. Fill in the brand name in Chinese and foreign languages; the other is if the trademark or trademark right has not been determined, and the trademark needs to be re-assigned in the domestic bonded area and then branded, the Chinese brand name actually branded when leaving the zone should be filled in. Tips: Imported wine must declare the record number of the importer of imported food and the record number of the agent of the overseas exporter; according to the order No. 248 and No. 249 of the General Administration of Customs, from January 1, 2022, the overseas production enterprise of imported food should also be declared Registration number; the cargo attribute of prepackaged imported wine should be declared as "prepackaged".