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Light up the micro-wish, I will go first for public welfare

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Shanghai Yadong International Freight Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Yadong") is an old-fashioned international logistics enterprise established in the 1990s. , the nation's century-old store" vision. As a civilized unit in Hongkou District, while the company is developing, the company also pays great attention to the party building work of the company. As the backbone of Shanghai Yadong, the party branch gives full play to the role of vanguard and model, conveys positive energy with their own practical actions, and also brings a good atmosphere of unity and progress to the company. Over the years, under the leadership of the general party branch, the company has attached great importance to participating in public welfare undertakings, and has always fulfilled its social responsibilities.

As early as the initial stage of the epidemic in 2020, the Shanghai Yadong Party General Branch contacted various resources to provide scarce supplies for the frontline workers. Since the launch of party history learning and education in 2021, how to perform social responsibilities as much as possible in the post-epidemic period and how to go deeper into social welfare activities are new directions for Yadong people to think about. At this time, an article on the official account of Hongkou North Bund, "Doing practical things to warm people's hearts, "Micro Wishes" is waiting for you to light up! "WeChat article attracted the attention of Yadong people.

The company's general party branch immediately contacted the person in charge of the "two new" party building work in its sub-area to express its willingness to participate in this micro-wish claiming activity. Subsequently, the general branch committee was held to discuss the claim plan together. Everyone agreed that the construction and development of Shanghai is inseparable from the silent efforts of thousands of migrant workers from all walks of life, especially the builders who play a huge role in the new round of development and construction of the North Bund. The "two new" organizations of the party organizations should assume certain social responsibilities, and care for them is essential. The general party branch immediately issued an initiative to all party members of the company, and immediately claimed more than 60 "mini-wishes" put forward by the builders of the "North Bund Builders' Home". The company's youth league branch also responded positively and led 26 members. The young people participated together and fulfilled their wishes as quickly as possible.

On September 26, representatives of the company's general party branch and youth league branch went to the "North Bund Builders' Home" to claim 20 power banks, 20 umbrellas, 20 USB flash drives, 20 boxes of KN95 masks, 20 electric shavers and other items were handed over to the person in charge. Afterwards, everyone visited the Builder's Home and learned about various service projects on the spot. Seeing the considerate service provided by the "North Bund Builders' Home" to the builders and solving various troubles in their lives, the party members were also inspired. The representative of the Youth League branch who participated in the claim of Weixin said: This activity made the young members of the company feel the continuous improvement of the city's soft power and the appeal and cohesion of the party organization, which made everyone feel warm and encouraged. The representative of the Shanghai Yadong Party General Branch also said: "Keep good thoughts and do good deeds" is the value that the Yadong Party General Branch has always adhered to. The company's party members always believe that every small and warm act of kindness is a transcendent and upward movement. It will also become the value orientation and behavior benchmark of Yadong people throughout their lives.

Although a small wish is small, there is a big intention behind the claim. Enthusiastic participation in social welfare undertakings is an unshirkable social responsibility as an enterprise. It is also the philosophy of Shanghai Yadong managers and an important part of Shanghai Yadong's corporate culture. In the future work, it will also inspire generations of Yadong people to make greater contributions to urban development and social progress.