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ADP won the title of Outstanding Logistics Service Provider of 2021

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On June 21, 2021, Liu Qinhai, Vice President of Asia Pacific Operations and Supply Chain of SEG Fluid Control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SEG"); Xu Jiqiu, Asia Pacific Logistics Manager; Song Jiaye, China Logistics Manager, China Senior logistics commissioner Lu Jiadong and his entourage visited our company and awarded Yadong the "Outstanding Logistics Service Provider" medal.
SEG is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise engaged in pipeline fluid business under the "Emerson". It has more than 100 years of production technology experience and provides customers with more than 23,000 fluid control products. All products are designed and produced in strict accordance with international standards.
As Emerson's supplier, Yadong Logistics Division provides imported logistics services for more than a dozen companies under Emerson. Since 2010, we have provided import customs clearance and transportation services for Seg After customs clearance, the goods can be shipped to the customer's factory in the afternoon. Over the years, we have grown and progressed together with our customers.

A group photo of President Yao Jun of ADP and Liu Qinhai, Vice President of Operations and Supply Chain, Asia-Pacific Region, awarded the award

In the 10 years of serving customers, the project team has worked hard to provide customers with stable customs clearance and transportation services. In case of emergency, they rushed to the front line to escort the smooth completion of the business. The medal awarded to Yadong as an "Outstanding Logistics Service Provider" by Worldge is a recognition of the professionalism and service attitude of project manager Xu Yunfei, operation and customer service staff Ding Yun, Huang Hong, and Yadong's service capabilities. Yadong has always been eager for the needs of customers, and has become an excellent supplier for many customers and has been widely praised. In the future, Yadong will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of port logistics, improve the implementation ability of collaborative operation, and provide customers with more complex demand supply chain solutions, and work with customers for a win-win situation.

A group photo of the project team of the ADP Logistics Division with the logistics managers and commissioners of Sega Asia Pacific and China