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Automobile import: Shanghai logistics company "automobile import service treasure"

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In recent years, although the volume of automobile imports has been unstable due to individual special circumstances, the volume is still relatively large. How to find a suitable and better logistics company in a market with a large number of automobile imports? "Yadong International Logistics" has been specialized in automobile import for many years, and summarized and launched the special business of "automobile import service treasure".

1. Product introduction
ADP provides a complete set of supply chain services for importing automobile customers under letter of credit transactions: ADP completes one-stop services such as cargo issuance, logistics import, customs clearance, and invoicing.
2. Port advantages:
Branches are set up in the main import ports of complete vehicles, such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhangjiagang, etc., whose functions include: complete unloading and stacking, testing and experimentation, display and trading, distribution and distribution of complete vehicles and parts, modification, finance Service etc.
3. Product advantages:
(1) Complete information
ADP has a full set of qualifications for automobile sales, invoicing, license application, etc., and has more than RMB 200 million in bank issuance credit.
(2) Fast customs clearance
The documents are complete and the import can be completed within 10 working days
(3) Complete supporting services
The supporting services that ADP can provide include: import agency, issuance of spot/forward letters of credit, customs clearance, commodity inspection coordination, warehousing, distribution, invoicing, etc.
(4) Operation process
Customer entrustment==》Letter of credit issuance (200 million RMB comprehensive credit extension)==》Foreign shipment (ADP foreign company can cooperate)==》Billage (90-day billing service can be provided) or acceptance (on the day of foreign exchange payment) Completed, effectively avoiding exchange rate fluctuations) ==》Permit/3C (for vehicle permits, 3C can be handled on behalf of you) ==》Quick customs clearance (with complete information and release within 10 days) ==》Convenient procedures (vehicles will be shipped out within 15 days of customs clearance. Import Goods Certificate, Commodity Inspection Form, Original Tax Form) ==" Issuing invoices (both general invoices and invoices can be issued).
Service car import cases: BMW, Benchi, Geely and other brands.