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General red wine import process and required information

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1. Wine import process

Whether the standard is exempt from inspection="Pre-shipment inspection="berth to port="commodity inspection declaration="customs declaration and tax payment="inspection="delivery="delivery

2. Red wine import information

(1) Information provided by foreign suppliers

1: Packing list

2: Proforma invoice/Invoice

3: Contract/Contract

4: Bill of Lading/Bill Of Lading

5: Health Certificate/Healthy Certicate

6: Composition Analysis Report/Analysis Report (Chinese translation is provided in China) 

7: Certificate of Origin/Certificate Of Origin

8: Original label sample/Table (Chinese translation is provided in China)  

9: Proof of wooden pallets/Pallets IPPC (a wooden pallet needs to be provided)

10: Wood packaging certificate/Packing IPPC needs to provide wood packaging)

11: Free Sale For Exportation

12: Botting Date Certificate/Boltting Date

(2) Qualifications and documents required by domestic import companies

1: The business license includes pre-packaged food

2: Food business license

3: Liquor business license