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What are the general customs declaration documents and procedures for chemical imports?

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1. Import declaration information of chemical products

(1) Packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading;

(2) Classification and appraisal report of dangerous goods;

(3) Dangerous goods label (Chinese label, required for dangerous goods);

(4) MSDS of the product (safety instructions for chemical products, one copy for dangerous goods in both Chinese and English);

(5) The composition ratio of the product;

(6) Paint and coating record book (paint and paint need, record before shipment);

(7) Import license for dual-use items (required for restricted products);

(8) 3C certificate or 3C catalog (required for restricted products);

(9) Others (relevant documents and materials deemed necessary by the customs);

2. Chemical import process:

(1) Determine whether imported chemicals are dangerous goods (paints and coatings need to be filed in advance, and dangerous goods need to apply for dangerous goods label identification reports in advance);

(2) Prepare the goods and ship them to the port or airport (if the goods are dangerous goods, the dangerous goods must be declared 48 hours before the goods arrive at the port);

(3) Arrange for port/airport exchange orders, inspection and customs declaration;

(4) Tax payment and customs clearance (if not checked);

(5) Appointment for inspection by suppliers (Chinese labels for dangerous goods have been affixed abroad, and the inspection is released; Chinese labels for dangerous goods have not been affixed abroad, and label rectification is required);

(6) Pickup and transportation (your company picks up by yourself or our company arranges)