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Congratulations to Yadong International Logistics Group, Shanghai Yadong and Yadong Customs Broker for jointly winning the title of "2019 Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprise"

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In response to the government’s prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, the Shanghai Customs Brokers Association held the fifth and seventh online council and the fourth member representative conference on December 30. At the meeting, a summary report on the work of the Shanghai Customs Brokers Association in 2020 was carried out. It also summarized and commended the selection of outstanding customs declaration enterprises in Shanghai Customs District in 2019.

 In order to encourage customs brokers to regulate their business behaviors, promote the spirit of honesty and compliance, create an atmosphere of striving for excellence, establish industry incentives, and promote the healthy development of the industry, the Shanghai Customs Brokers Association strictly followed the "2019 Shanghai Customs District Excellent Customs Broker 102 outstanding customs declaration units.

Yadong International Logistics Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yadong International Freight Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Yadong Customs Brokers Co., Ltd. have been selected as outstanding customs brokers for many years since the Shanghai Customs Brokers Association started the selection activities. This time, the three have jointly won the "2019 Excellent The title of "Customs Declaration Enterprise" is the business philosophy of Yadong Group which has always been adhering to "Honesty and Honesty, Honesty and Long-term", and it is also the working principle that Yadong people must always adhere to. Under the impact of the epidemic in 2020, the development of the foreign trade and logistics industry will be particularly difficult. 2021 is still full of opportunities and challenges. With this honor, we will work harder in the new year and move forward against the current.