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Shanghai well-known logistics/Yadong won the title of "Advanced Member Unit in the Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic"

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In 2020, under the invasion of the new coronavirus, various countries are short of anti-epidemic materials, the development of foreign trade is blocked, and the logistics industry has also suffered a great impact.Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Yadong Group's domestic and foreign branches have actively cooperated to provide free consultation, customs clearance, transportation and other services for overseas donations and local charities and other import and export epidemic prevention materials. All units and individuals have done their best to work overtime., Dedicating people, donating money and materials, giving full play to the maximum energy to participate in the fight against the "epidemic", using professionalism and responsibility to contribute wisdom and strength to winning the fight against the "epidemic", demonstrating the outstanding quality and social responsibility of not being afraid of difficulties.

In response to Yadong’s efforts to combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the China International Freight Forwarders Association took the initiative to give full play to its industry advantages and practice corporate social responsibility.Give great recognition and affirmation.