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What documents are required for import declaration of skin care products?

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1. The consignee or its agent shall apply for inspection in accordance with the relevant regulations of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, and provide the consignee's record number at the same time. The first imported cosmetics should provide the following documents:

 (1) A statement that it meets the requirements of relevant national regulations and that normal use will not cause harm to human health;

 (2) Product formula;

(3) For cosmetics for which the state implements a sanitary license or filing, the import cosmetics sanitation permit approval document or filing certificate approved by the relevant national competent authority shall be submitted;

(4) For cosmetics for which the state does not implement sanitation licenses or records, the following materials shall be provided:

1. Relevant safety assessment materials for substances that may have safety risks issued by institutions with relevant qualifications;

2. Proof documents or origin certificates that permit production and sales in the country (region) of production;

(5) In addition to the first four items in the sale of packaged cosmetics, a Chinese label sample and a foreign label and translation shall also be submitted;

(6) For non-sale packaged cosmetic products, it shall also provide the name, number/weight, specifications, origin, production batch number and expiration date (production date and shelf life) of the product, the destination name of the additional packaging, and the additional packaging. Factory name, address, contact information;

 (7) Other documents required by AQSIQ

If copies of the above-mentioned documents are provided, the originals shall be submitted for inspection at the same time.

2. Information that the Quarantine Bureau and Customs need to provide during customs clearance:

 (1) Customs clearance agency agreement (signed an agreement with the shoreline)

 (2) Customs registration number, commodity inspection registration number, consignee record information form

 (3) Contract (original copy required)

 (4) Invoice (original required) (5) Packing list (original required) Note: The official certificate of origin (original copy, pay attention to whether you need to apply for preferential tax)