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What is the import declaration process for medical equipment?

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Yadong International Freight: provide domestic processing and manufacturing enterprises with new and old mechanical and electrical products import business consulting every year, agent import project approval, registration, review, commodity inspection filing, import license, pre-shipment pre-inspection, packaging, factory, overseas transportation, international transportation, import One-stop import of used mechanical and electrical products such as inspection declaration, import declaration, arrival inspection, after-sales service. So what is the import declaration process for medical equipment?

1. Confirm medical device cargo: name, value, picture, purpose, size, weight;

2. Confirm the transportation price of medical device cargo, including China and Hong Kong freight, Hong Kong delivery fee, miscellaneous expenses, etc.;

3. Both parties sign the contract in duplicate;

4. If the customer delivers the goods, send us the medical device invoice number or the bill of lading or the Hong Kong delivery address of the goods, and we will arrange the tracking and delivery. If you need to issue a power of attorney/authorization letter, give us an arrangement;

5. After mentioning medical equipment, arrange import and import customs declaration;

6. Goods clearance, import relocation, customs clearance is completed, and the goods will be delivered to the warehouse

7. Arrange the follow-up commodity inspection certificate and other services for medical devices

Note. Qualifications that the unit that imports medical equipment should have

1. Medical device business license;

2. Business license (there is a license to sell medical devices in the business scope);

3 Import and export rights (If there is no relevant qualification, Yadong International Freight can help you as an agent)