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Yadong Group, Ningbo Zhongyuanhai and Huaian Port Logistics Group jointly completed the dispatch task of the sea-rail intermodal train (whole train)

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A few days ago, Huaian Port Logistics Group successfully completed the dispatching task of the sea-rail intermodal train (the entire train). It is reported that the train has a total of 52 vehicles and 104 TEU. The main source of supply is solar photovoltaic modules produced by Trina Solar.

During the epidemic, the Multimodal Transport Department of the Huaian Port Logistics Group actively organized the supply of goods, strictly guided by the National Railways and the company's safety rules and regulations, and coordinated all parties to operate according to regulations and operate efficiently. At present, a number of large foreign trade export companies have recognized the new logistics channel of the sea-rail combined transport foreign trade train. Trina Solar is one of the first important companies to try this new channel and is particularly satisfied with the group's multimodal transport service.

This time, through the cooperation of Ningbo Zhongyuanhai, Yadong Group and Huai'an Port Logistics Group, this model once again provided Suqian Trina Solar with high-quality logistics services that reduced costs and increased efficiency, and once again obtained customer enterprises Good reviews.