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Cosmetics Import


Services for the import of cosmetics (including shampoo, skin care, oral nursing category, etc.) we provide enterprise customers with enterprise record, import customs clearance, health certificate applications, stickers design production, logistics and other one-stop supply chain integrated services.

Operation Team Professional

ADP has nearly thousand kinds of cosmetics import experience, brand cases include Nivea, Kao and so on. Service efficient professional, won praise customers.

Wide service Network

ADP in the major port areas are equipped with specialized offices, can quickly deal with the clearance process of various types of emergencies, service speed in the industry leading level.

Complete service

ADP can be the whole agent import enterprise record, foreign brand authorization, product brand authorization, product system record, label design, import agent, letter of credit open, customs clearance, commodity inspection coordination, warehousing, sorting, labeling, distribution, health certificate applications and a series of supply chain supporting services.

Operate Flow