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International Industry ? Case ? LogisticsImport and Export Service for IKEA

The cooperation between IKEA and ADP started from 1998, ever since IKEA’s first store built in Xujiahui, Shanghai, by now IKEA has opened 22 stores in China. From its Shanghai DC, to its Asian-Pacific DC in Songjiang / Fengxian, and to its Tianjin DC, through years it’s always been ADP who handles the import customs documentation and declaration, CIQ declaration, inventory management, distribution and transport for the construction equipment and material import, stores’ self-use goods, Advertisement material, household goods etc.

With annual import volume of 2,000 shipment, or 2,500 teu, or 61,200 freight tons, our service area covers Shanghai, Dalian, Shenyang, Beijing, Tianjin, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Xi’an Etc.

Today IKEA’s export has been developed rapidly in China, ADP undertakes the comprehensive port logistics services in Shanghai and Ningbo for more than 30 stores’ FCA export business. The volume handled by ADP is about 5,400 shipments, or 3.600 TEU, OR 90,000 freight tons in 2015.

Our strengths:

• ADP’s self-developed intelligent documentation system facilitate its data docking and conversion with IKEA, Inspection Bureau, and Customs Office etc.

• ADP has a database for IKEA’S all I&E goods declared and cleared at different ports in China ADP’s KPI is on the top of IKEA’s suppliers list.

• ADP’s profound understanding of IKEA’s corporate culture and sharing of common value is the basic for ADP being a long-term partnership with IKEA.

• Joint operations from ADP’s own branches across China under one umbrella enables ADP to provide IKEA with one-stop service of customs clearance and transportation.

• ADP is always on its way of seeking to be outstanding in fine service, fine procedures, and fine project team management.

• Providing all sorts of consultancy, special trading methods, innovative operation mode and personalized experience.

International Industry ? Case ? LogisticsImport and Export Service for IKEAInternational Industry ? Case ? LogisticsImport and Export Service for IKEAInternational Industry ? Case ? LogisticsImport and Export Service for IKEA

One-Stop Import Service For Second-Hand Mechanical And Eclectric

From 2008, ADP has been offering consultancy of importing second-hand mechanical and electrical products for domestic manufacturers. Beyond that, we also provides one-stop import logistics service including, but not limited to, import application, registration, CIQ filing, import permit, pre-check before shipping, packaging, pickup from origin factory, overseas transport, international transport, import declaration of customs and CIQ, cargo examination after arrival in destination, aftersales service, and etc. The annual import quantity of equipment are approximately 100 sets, our customers are mostly located in South China, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Services for Used mechanical and electrical Products Import:

Used equipment Import business consulting:

• Equipment import demand research (pricing, investment, wholly-owned, joint-venture, leasing, sale), import application and checking, registration, audit, tax rate and other related policies;

Used equipment Import and service solution:

• Commodity inspection filing, import permit application, pre-shipping inspection, packaging, international transportation, import inspection, import declaration, installation approval and after-sales service and so on.

Our strengths of servicing used mechanical and electrical products import:

• Rich experience of handling at a variety of ports in China.

• Professional teams at both overseas and domestic.

• Good communication and cooperation with government authorities, entry-exit inspection, Quarantine Bureau and Customs departments;

• ability of conducting "pre-shipping inspection", including: equipment operation warning signs, rectification content and work instructions, drawing diagram content translation, packaging at origin factory, overseas inland transport, overseas export declarations, overseas shipping, overseas information data exchange and cargo tracking;

• Preparing documents, including all kinds of documents, filings, pre-inspection certificate, import permit, HS code pre-classification etc;

• Specified time: 10 working days for filing, 5 working days for pre-shipment inspection, 10 working days for rectification, 2 working days for CIQ, 3 working days for inspection, 2 working days for customs , 2 working days for delivery.

One-Stop Import Service For Second-Hand Mechanical And EclectricOne-Stop Import Service For Second-Hand Mechanical And EclectricOne-Stop Import Service For Second-Hand Mechanical And Eclectric